• Bytomic Bounce Back Agility Hurdle


    Bytomic Bounce Back Agility Hurdle

    £8.75 - £13.75
    The Bytomic Bounce Back Agility Hurdles are weighted Hurdles that return to their original position after being knocked down.   Available in 4 sizes - 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm
  • Bytomic

    Bytomic Agility Ring Hurdle

    The Bytomic Agility Ring Hurdles are ideal for a varied training session. They can be switched between mini hurdles or rings for a variety of fitness activities. Set of 6 hurdles Bright yellow colour Durable plastic construction  
  • Bytomic

    Bytomic Adjustable Hurdles

    The Bytomic adjustable hurdles can be adjusted to two different heights. Height can be adjusted from 6" to 12" Made up of heavy duty PVC tube Sold as set of 6 with carrying bag