• Bytomic Foam Blocker Bytomic Foam Blocker


    Bytomic Foam Blocker

    The Bytomic foam blocker is great for practising blocking skills, defence and reaction timing. Plastic handle, high impact foam with durable vinyl cover Length 26.5 inches   Width 6 inches Sold Individually  
  • Century

    Century Kid Kick Blockers

    Younger Martial artists will benefit from this 30cm nylon blocking surface. Blocker is 42cm in overall length and has a convenient cord attatched. Features the Kid Kick logo.Sold in pairs.
  • Century Dual Blocker Kit


    Century Dual Blocker Kit

    Great for practicing defences for multiple rapid attacks. Use together or seperately. Lightweight, quick & easy to assemble.The blockers can be used seperately or joined together.