• Bytomic Soft Escrima Case


    Bytomic Soft Escrima Case

    A great way to store and transport your Escrimas with a soft black vinyl exterior and soft cloth lining. Zip closure Nylon Handl Holds two Escrima sticks Length 30" Escrima sold separately
  • Century Stick Weapons Bag


    Century Stick Weapons Bag

    This colourful, durable bag is stitched so the weight of the equipment is carried by the fabric, not in the seams. The internal drawstring compartment fits up to 12 escrima and external webbing can hold additional gear or accessories Great for Escrima,...
  • Century

    Century Deluxe Escrima Set

    Crafted in the Philippines, the birthplace of Escrima, 100% rattan weapons carry with them the heritage and tradition of the Filipino weapons based fighting system.  These escrima sticks are designed to be extremely durable and long lasting making...
  • Bytomic Deluxe Solid Escrima Case


    Bytomic Deluxe Solid Escrima Case

    The Bytomic Solid Escrima case is the perfect way to safely transport your Escrima. The case has a solid exterior to protect from any knocks and a soft cloth lining to protect your Escrima. Carries one pair of Escrima Interior soft cloth lining Exterior...
  • Century

    Action Flex Training Escrima

    This 28-inch, one-handed training escrima offers 20 inches of foam area and 8 inches of handle. Sold only for martial arts training under expert supervision in a closed environment - or collection/display purposes. Not to be purchased by Under 18's...
  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel Training Escrima

    Since 1980, when he first read Guru Dan Inosanto’s book, “The Filipino Martial Arts”, our President, Lynn C. Thompson, has diligently studied and trained in these disciplines. Lynn’s extensive sparing experiences, combined with...