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Bytomic Continues to Distribute Pro Mountings and Aqua Training Bag Across Europe Following Acquisition

Bytomic Continues to Distribute Pro Mountings and Aqua Training Bag Across Europe Following Acquisition

Bytomic Reinforces Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Fitness Equipment in Europe

Bytomic, a prominent distributor of martial arts and fitness equipment in the UK and Europe, is pleased to affirm its continued collaboration with Pro Mountings and Aqua Training Bag following the latter's acquisition by Pro Mountings. This ongoing partnership underscores Bytomic's dedication to delivering superior fitness solutions across Europe.

Strengthening Industry Presence

Bytomic has effectively distributed Aqua Training Bag since 2015 and Pro Mountings since 2022. Renowned for its comprehensive array of martial arts, kickboxing, and fitness gear, Bytomic stands as a pivotal figure in distributing these esteemed brands throughout the European market.

Pro Mountings, famous for its robust, American-made mounting systems, serves both commercial gyms and home fitness enthusiasts. The company's product range encompasses a variety of heavy bag mounts and pull-up bars, as well as unique fitness apparatuses. Their acquisition of Aqua Training Bag, celebrated for its innovative, water-filled punching bags, marks a significant milestone in Pro Mountings' expansion of its product portfolio.

Enhancing the Aqua Training Bag Experience

Aqua Training Bag has revolutionized the fitness world with its water-filled punching bags, offering a unique and responsive training experience. These bags are designed to absorb kinetic energy, reducing the impact on joints and allowing for a more intense workout. Unlike traditional sand-filled bags, Aqua Training Bags provide a softer, more fluid experience, making them ideal for users of all fitness levels. With various sizes and designs, these bags cater to a wide range of training needs, from professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts looking to add a dynamic element to their workouts.

A Future of Enhanced Product Offering

Bytomic's enduring distribution of Pro Mountings and Aqua Training Bag products ensures European customers continue to access a diverse range of top-tier fitness equipment. Bytomic is devoted to fostering the growth and reach of these brands within the European market, guaranteeing that boutique gyms, end users and fitness professionals can access the finest equipment available.

For more information about the extensive range of products available through Bytomic, including the innovative Aqua Training Bag, please visit