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About Us

Established in 1991, Bytomic has consistently led the way in supplying the UK's martial arts sector with premium brands. Our genesis began when a World Champion Tae Kwon Do instructor recognized a crucial gap for high-quality martial arts sparring equipment. Thus, Bytomic Martial Arts was born.

For over three decades, our guiding principle has been to earn the respect of our customers. This is achieved not only by offering top-quality products but by surpassing expectations in every aspect of our service. Every day we push the boundaries of what's possible, continually striving for improvement, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the martial arts industry.

Thousands of clubs and practitioners trust us as their supplier. Our unwavering dedication to meeting their needs has propelled us to become the UK's largest martial arts brand supplier. And we don't intend to stop there. Our commitment to consistent progress and improvement is relentless.

Our customers, who are the core of our brand, inspire us to ensure they reap the full benefits of our consistently professional approach. The knowledge and expertise we've accumulated, enriched by generations of martial arts practitioners, is shared openly, providing invaluable resources for our customers.

Our extensive product range, from Boxing Gloves and V-Neck Uniforms to Point Sparring Kicks and Grading Belts, encapsulates the performance and quality associated with the Bytomic brand. We keep thousands of items in stock for next-day delivery, a testament to our dedication to swift, reliable service.

We have proudly forged strategic partnerships with industry-leading brands such as Century, Top Ten, Aqua Training Bag, Pro Mountings, Venum, and Fumetsu. These alliances allow us to bring our customers the very best the industry has to offer, further solidifying our place as the go-to resource for martial arts practitioners and clubs across the UK.

We stand by the belief that respect is not given; it's earned. At Bytomic, we earn that respect every day through our commitment to supplying top-quality equipment and delivering exceptional service.