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Aqua Training Bag

Black Aqua 15" 75lb Energy Punching Bag


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Choose the Black Aqua 15" 75lb Energy Punching Bag over all others—fitness fanatics, professional boxers, and fighters throughout the world won't accept anything less than the best. 

Main Features:

  • Indestructible Durability: Built to endure the most punishing combos, this bag is your partner in pushing limits. Train without holding back; this bag can take it all.
  • Easy Hang and Go: No fuss, no hassle. Hang it effortlessly and shift your workout space as you please. Versatility is your ally.
  • Sun-Proof Stamina: UV-resistant for outdoor hanging, this bag stands up to the elements, making it your all-weather training companion.
  • Extras Included: Unbox a world of convenience with the shackle, hose-filling nozzle, and extra stopper. Everything you need for an uninterrupted workout.
  • Smart Weight Design: Weighing in at 8.8 lbs when shipped, this bag reaches its full potential at 75 lbs when filled. Feel the power, no compromises.
  • Dimension Mastery: Compact yet mighty, with dimensions at 22" x 15" x 15". It fits anywhere but dominates everywhere.
  • Backed by a robust 6-month manufacturer's warranty

Filling your Aqua Punching Bag: 

  1. Remove the valve plug with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  2. Connect the hose-filling attachment to your hose.
  3. Before starting the water, place the tip of the hose attachment into the hole of the Head Hunter Slip Ball.
  4. When you have filled the desired amount of water, shut the water off and remove the hose attachment.
  5. Place the valve plug back into the bag and tighten with the Phillips head screwdriver until snug.
  6. Top off head with air using an air pump that has a needle.

Order today to experience a workout revolution and elevate your combat sports training with the Aqua Energy Training Bag, where force meets accuracy!