Bytomic 20kg Barbell Set

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  • Bytomic 20kg Barbell Set
  • Bytomic 20kg Barbell Set
  • Bytomic 20kg Barbell Set
  • Bytomic 20kg Barbell Set


The Bytomic 20kg Barbell set gives you a great opportunity to improve your fitness and tone your upper body muscles.

This Barbell set is easy to put together and you can change the weight to suit your workout. The EZ Curl Bar allows for a more varied workout, it is well suited for curl variations such as overhand curls and overhead tricep exercises such as French presses. It is also perfect for bicep curls, and the spring collars allows you to easily add more weight for a more intensive workout. After you finish your workout the barbell set can be packed away in a convenient carry case, making it great for those who are short on space.

  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Spring collars
  • Circular Shape Weights
  • Adjustable weight - can add and remove weights as desired
  • Convenient carry case
  • Weights 1.25, 2.5 and 3kg
  • Cast Iron
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