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Just as you thought Bytomic's collection of heavy bags and other punch bags couldn't get any better, we're excited to announce that we've recently taken stock of the brand new, state-of-the-art range of Aqua training bags. Whilst using water as an alternative to bag filler is nothing new, utilising the water to provide realistic feedback whilst protecting you from injury is somewhat revolutionary for all those looking for alternative methods to ramp up their martial arts training sessions.

Don't just take our word for it, the Aqua training bag range has gained approval from dozens of boxing professionals and martial art experts across the globe. With testimonials describing the Aqua bags as "a must for every gym" and "one of the best punching bags I've ever hit", the reviews would lead you to believe that Aqua training bags are a necessity for both martial art enthusiasts, boxers and gym owners - and they're not wrong!

How can they help me improve my training?

Thanks to the realistic punch feedback that Aqua training bags offer, you can customise your training sessions to incorporate workouts involving the Aqua bag. From basic punches and combinations to circuit training and interval training, you can spend more time perfecting your techniques and footwork all on the same spot. There's plenty of workouts available on YouTube that you can work into your routine, with a sample of some of our favourites below.

Aqua punching bags also offer health benefits, as the water filling allows each punch and kick to be less taxing on your joints. This makes Aqua bags a fantastic solution if you have sustained injuries from previous training when traditional heavy bags would cause you pain and discomfort - ending in you injuring yourself even further or cutting your training session short!

Which size to choose?

Aqua training bags are available in several different sizes and weights, with each being suitable for different disciplines or training. The smaller Aqua punching bags, such as the 9" and 12" versions, are great for brushing up on your punching techniques and speedy combos in smaller spaces, whereas the larger 18" and 21" alternatives are perfect for larger areas where you can practice powerful punches and kicking combinations.