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Finding floor space that's suitable for martial arts training is a problem we face every day, especially when training classes take part in multi-purpose locations such as halls and schools. In these locations especially, the flooring is often hard with minimum amounts of grip - a far cry from the cushioned surface that is required during martial arts classes and training, and even more so in classes which involve grappling and groundwork. This problem has long been the achilles heel for mobile martial arts schools and instructors - until now. Bytomic has recognised this struggle that too many of us have faced in the past, and produced a product that will allow you to overcome these barriers to improve your training areas to get the most out of your training sessions and martial arts classes. We're proud to introduce our new line of cushioned floor mats - with three versions of the mat available, each suitable for slightly different purposes.

Jigsaw Mats

Our range of jigsaw mats provide underfoot support to help protect against injuries that could potentially occur when training on a hard floor, and are particularly useful for instructors and schools that want to add a permanent or temporary cushioned flooring as it simply fits together via the interlocking edges. This means the cushioned area can be added to or removed to adjust the size of the training area accordingly - enabling you to modify your training floor space to accommodate different training sessions or use the room for a different activity completely. These jigsaw mats have been specially designed using a high-density EVA foam and are available in two different thicknesses, with both thicknesses featuring a textured surface to provide an anti-slip surface and are reversible to allow you to choose from a black or red tiled floor.


The 20mm version of the jigsaw mat is our lightweight, entry-level version and is perfect for sports which don't involve grappling and groundwork, such as light martial arts, yoga and boxing - as well as providing a general purpose cushioned flooring that may be used in a fitness studio, school hall or free weights area.

The 40mm version is the big daddy jigsaw mat in comparison to the 20mm version. It provides the same benefits as the thinner alternative whilst being thick enough to accommodate more aggressive sports such as MMA, BJJ, Wrestling and Judo. This makes it the ideal floor covering to perfect your grappling and groundwork techniques whilst protecting you from falls, takedowns and, ultimately, injuries.

Flexi Roll Mats


Maybe you have a large area to cover with cushioned flooring? Or you need your mats to be highly portable to take with you? We've developed a flexi roll mat that will look to address these issues. The Flexi Roll Mat boasts over 3 meters in overall length and provides 35mm of Tatami textured cushioned foam - making it suitable for those heavier sports such as wrestling and BJJ. When you're finished training, the flexi roll mat rolls up securely for easy storage and transportation - weighing just 9kg!