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As we get ever closer to Christmas, you may still be struggling to find the perfect gift for your partner or children – or even just a friend. Bytomic has plenty of martial arts equipment and clothing that make a fantastic gift on Christmas morning, so we've put together a short guide with a few of our favourite picks. We've also included some stocking fillers, just in case you need a few last things to complete your Christmas shopping list.


Century Reactor Freestanding Adult Punch Bag | £89.75 inc VAT

This freestanding punch bag is perfect for the home, as it doesn't need to be attached to the ceiling or wall which makes it portable. The base is filled with sand which allows the bag to produce a spring-back action after each strike – making it the perfect companion for solo training.

Venum Trainer Light Sport Bag Yellow | £53.99 inc VAT

Storing and protecting your gym gear is a priority, especially when you're travelling to and from your gym. This gym bag by Venum is a lightweight storage solution for your fighting and training gear, which has a large storage capacity. There's even a different compartment for your dirty clothes – keeping your fresh clothing free from microbes and bad smells.

Bytomic Deluxe Rubber Coated Kettlebell | From £18.98 inc VAT

Kettlebell workouts are becoming more popular by the day, and it's no wonder why. Kettlebells help to increase strength, endurance, agility and balance – whilst being suitable for all abilities. Their versatility allows you to create training programmes to target different muscle groups and rev up your cardiovascular system with total-body movements.


Century Versys VS2 Kids | £220 inc VAT

Grappling dummies have long been a firm favourite with adults, and now there's a version for kids. The VS2 freestanding grappling simulator by Century provides a realistic approach to improve youngsters combinations, stand to ground transitions and ground work – plus much more.

Bytomic Hydro-Mesh Kids 6oz Boxing Gloves | £22.00 inc VAT

We have our own range of kids boxing gloves, which are available in different colours, that are suitable for ages 7 to 12. They're made from high-quality synthetic leather and feature a hydro mesh material to reduce sweaty palms.

Century Kid Kick Shield | £28 inc VAT

With Kid Kick graphics, the Century Kick Shield offers two back handles to allow for a secure grip and is made from a high density foam which is covered in a red nylon cover. A great product to improve kids kicking techniques.


Century MMA Round TImer | £19.99 inc VAT

Round timers are an excellent piece of equipment for maximising your workout during interval training and timing your rounds in sparring sessions. The Century round timer comes with a strap so it can be attached to your arms or gym bag.

Shock Doctor Mouthguard Gel Max Orange/ Black | £16.99 inc VAT

Gum shields are essential to your safety and therefore should be used at all times during sparring and training. This mouthguard by Shock Doctor comes with a protective case to protect them from becoming misshaped or damaged whilst not it use. The mouthguard features a boiling handle to allow for a custom fit.

UFC Gel Adult Hand Wraps Green | £15.98 inc VAT

Hand wrap gloves are an excellent choice for bag work and target training and provide a comfortable fit with their open finger design and fully adjustable wrist strap. They also feature a gel padding for ultimate impact absorption.

Venum Competitor Weighted Adult Skipping Rope Red | £25.00 inc VAT

Speed ropes provide excellent training for your cardiovascular system which also burn calories at a rate of around 700 per hour! The competitor jump rope by Venum is weighted which allows you to perform intense workouts and improve overall body conditioning whilst also perfecting your agility and footwork.

No Stink Sports Shoe Deodoriser | £4.75 inc VAT

All gym goers know there's nothing pleasant about the smell of the changing rooms once your working out is complete. No Stink manufacture a range of products which are designed to target and eliminate smells to keep your gym gear smelling fresh. We've chosen their sports shoe deodoriser as they come in handy for all sports, from martial arts to running.