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Stand against the stink with the NEW No Stink Deodoriser XL. It's the ultimate solution for removing bad, unwanted smells and moisture to use on those bigger items such as gym bags, drawers, head guards and even your car!

All you need to do is place the XL deodoriser inside the potentially stinky area to keep them fresh, dry and stink free! Leave them in your gym bag, pop it into your head guard after training and chuck one in the car. There'll be no more smelly complaints because the No Stink XL is suitable for virtually anywhere that's smelly

Over time, the natural properties of No Stink will absorb the moisture inside of the area and remove the bacteria that causes bad smells.

Smelly gloves and shoes? Don't panic! Check out the No Stink Sports Shoe Deodoriser and the No Stink Glove Deodoriser!