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The Benefits of Training in Martial Arts for Children

The subject in hand can often be a tricky one. Some are not so keen on the idea of children training within a Martial Arts discipline for multiple reasons. Some people see it as encouraging violence and anger or teaching physical reactions as solutions, which of course would be reasons to not send your 6 year old son/daughter to a Boxing class. But this just isn't the case, so here's a few reasons why training in Martial Arts has huge benefits on many aspects of a child's life:

  1. STAYING HEALTHY & ACTIVE - Paramount to the wellbeing, confidence & happiness of any child is their health & weight. Almost 10% of children in their first year of school are now obese in the UK & this is continuing to rise. Training in any discipline takes a lot of effort & hard work whilst also providing a great platform for fun which means it doesn't even feel like exercise!
  2. RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES & OTHERS - Having respect for themselves & others is a huge aspect of training within any Martial Arts discipline. Training with older more experienced artists will help children gain a tremendous amount of respect for others.
  3. SELF-DEFENCE - They will grow in confidence whilst learning vital self defence skills that they know could protect them or others if the situation occurs. Whilst Martial Arts teaches them how to defend themselves, it also teaches how to anticipate & avoid potentially dangerous situations. But the key to this is, with their respect for themselves and others you will find that they have nothing to prove and a physical reaction is an absolute last resort.
  4. DISPUTE/CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Leading from self respect for others, children can learn to find a simple resolution to any conflict that may arise without the need for a physical reaction
  5. CONNECT MIND & BODY - They'll learn to listen to their body and think quickly, responsibly and rationally with their reactions.
  6. GENDER EQUALITY - This is a subject that's becoming strongly focused upon. And no, Martial Arts is NOT just for boys. Girls & boys train together as a group and are treated completely as equals, regardless of height, weight, age or natural strength. This is especially empowering for our female athletes whilst teaching respect for the opposite sex.
  7. RANKING & BELTS - Achieving a goal is always a fantastic feeling. Training in a discipline that uses a ranking system encourages perseverance, commitment & determination.
  8. THE PERFECT BONDING ACTIVITY! - You can do it with them! Watch them in class and practice with them at home. When they get a little older and have a stronger understanding of the discipline, you can share tips & tricks all whilst keeping fit and learning together.

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