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Gorilla Board Holder

Gorilla 5-in-1 Breaking Board Holder


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Master's Secret 5-in-1 Collapsable Board Holder

Strong, Lightweight, Fully-Adjustable, Affordable

Master's Secret brings you the most versatile, easy to use board-breaking machine ever!

  • * Easily adjusts to heights from 1' to 7'
  • * Holds all popular re-breakable boards
  • * Rotates for multiple axis breaking
  • * 14" depth allows for safe follow-through
  • * Recessed handles protect fingers
  • * Weighs less than 9lbs (approx 4kg)
  • * Collapses to just 22" x 16" X 8.5"

Wall-mounted, pole-mounted, on a bag, on the floor or hand-held... There's never been anything like it! Developed with the support of a government research team, this innovative system is perfect for training, demonstrations and competitions. Made from high-impact plastic, this amazing 5-in-1 machine allows you to train on your own, with help from friends or family, or in conventional classroom scenarios. Use it virtually anywhere to help improve technique, generate more power and gain focus.

Each unit comes with:

  • * 7' quick-release collapsable pole
  • * EZ-Twist locking nuts for fast height adjustment
  • * 2 spring clips for wall-mounting
  • * 2 protective foam pads that double as focus pads
  • * Silicone inserts for board stability
  • * Custom designed and padded bag


Please Note: the frame pictured in Black is currently only available in Blue

No more injured fingers!
No more heavy, hard to move equipment!
No more failed breaks due to bad holding and awkward angle!